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My clientele conclude their dining experience with the finest infusions by Penelope Sach.

Damien Pignolet, Bistro Moncur, Sydney

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The Teas

From London to Tokyo to Sydney and Singapore – in renowned restaurants and international hotels – Penelope Sach’s organic teas are pleasing the most fastidious tea lovers on the planet (some newly weds are most probably sipping Triple E at the Four Seasons in the Maldives as we speak).

In 1990 ,as Australias leading Naturopath and Herbalist, running a busy clinic from Sydney, Penelope began to develop organic herbal teas that were Australian grown and blended to suit different health levels. Each delicious in quality, flavour and created to stimulate everyday natural living. Penelope was the pioneer and innovator for loose leaf organic herbal tea, and many five star hotels recognised the quality and beauty of the plants, with sensational flavours to match.

To this day, Penelopes teas are still the classified as the "champagne' of all herbal teas. Nothing compares in the taste, and the smell and the visual effect , let alone the carefully designed way the herbs work together to enhance individual health.

Penelope Sach

As Australia’s leading herbalist Penelope Sach is a firm believer that herbal teas can be incorporated into today’s busy lifestyle to improve overall well being and healthy living. She recognised that high quality fluid intake is one of the most essential components in maintaining a healthy system and this was the catalyst that led Penelope to develop her internationally renowned range of organic herbal teas. 

Penelope’s teas are Australian grown, they are completely free from chemicals and artificial ingredients and are carefully blended together to create delicious blends that can merge into almost every moment of daily life. 

Penelope Sach‘s herbal organic teas can be found in household kitchens across Australia and are served in renowned restaurants and international hotels from London and Tokyo  to Sydney and Singapore such is their appeal.

Penelope is much in demand as a spokesperson on health, fitness and well being appearing regularly on leading television and radio programs.  She extended her studies in China, France and Indonesia and has been published in a wide range of popular magazines, newspapers and journals.  She is also a recognised author of several health books including very popular Natural Women, which was re-released in April 2008 by Penguin Australia.