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My clientele conclude their dining experience with the finest infusions by Penelope Sach.

Damien Pignolet, Bistro Moncur, Sydney

Intellectual Property

The text and the artwork which comprise this web-site are protected by international copyright.

The trade marks PS, PENELEOPE SACH, the Penelope Sach signature, the leaf logo, the words BERRY, APRES, PETAL, LEMON TANG, TRIPLE E, SUMMER DELIGHT, the cup and saucer logo, Herbal Teas by Penelope Sach and packaging are all trade marks of Penelope Sach.

The purpose of the statement is to draw visitor’s attention to your various intellectual property.

The intellectual property referred to in the statement includes the text and artwork which comprise the website itself, in addition to the packaging of the Penelope Sach product itself, the artwork used by your company on the packaging, the company logos and the trade marks as well as the name of the company itself.

The value of this statement is entirely dependent upon its ability to be easily read by visitors to the site. We therefor suggest that the statement be in a prominent part of the site or easily accessible.

We also recommend that you use the © symbol and the ™ symbol throughout your site. However we would also need to see the website at least in a draft format before we could assist with that process. We recommend that you place © Penelope Sach 2000 at the bottom of each page of the website.

We also consider that it is important to mark your trade marks with ™ each and every time they appear on the website. This is particularly important for the BERRY and LEMON TANG trade marks.

Should you have any queries regarding the contents of these pages please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Paul Kosterman directly by telephone on (02) 9295 9686.