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Penelope's teas are brilliant. Not only are they good for you, they are utterly delicious.

Neil Perry, Rockpool, Sydney


Winter months coming up

Herbal teas are a must through the cold winter months to keep ourselves rehydrated in the rooms with heating, and to help our blood circulation, as well as assist in warding off any outside bugs. I suggest Triple E with pure liquorice root to assist as a mild anti inflammatory for lungs and digestion, Peppermint to clear a mucous congestion in throats and sinus, and Lemon Myrtle to assist in cleansing the blood stream . All of these teas have no caffeine and are very safe to drink at any time of the day especially evening to digest your dinner and feel great be fore bed. If you love our tea ask about the 250 gram refill bags that are not on the web site but we do supply this size to the hotels and restaurants. We would love you to like our page linked to face book. At present we are organising to grow this for interest, and keep you up dated on a new amazing organic spice tea which will be launched shortly..