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My clientele conclude their dining experience with the finest infusions by Penelope Sach.

Damien Pignolet, Bistro Moncur, Sydney


New Release - Lemon Myrtle


Lemon Myrtle Blend is Penelopes latest formulated tea, that has the most delicious mild spicy lemon flavours, which gives you a craving to drink every day for health , warmth and invigoration. It has been found that  the leaf of Lemon Myrtle has mild antiseptic properties in the essential oil component, making it ideal for winter and summer.

Lemon Myrtle leaves were widely used by the Australian outback pioneers to add flavours in there black teas, and also in their cooking.It is wonderful to drink after a fish meal or rich food to cut through fats and leave the palette refreshed.

In summer throw ice blocks into the warm tea and serve with a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon. Children love it with the Australian manuka honey and served  as ice blocks.

Like all the other teas, it is vacuum-sealed in the beautiful black and silver tins for freshness and health.

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