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Penelope is The Tea Expert of Sydney.

Joh Bailey


New Release - Green Genmaicha


Genmaicha tea is an added new green tea that comes from a certified grower in Japan. The flavor is milder than the traditional green tea in Japan, and is infused with roasted rice granules, which give a slightly richer flavor, but not as tangy on the palate. High in natural antioxidants ,as  this tea is grown on rich  soils with a perfect wet climate to ensure the leaves are the best quality for a beverage.

Penelope Sach began developing her teas in 1990 as a herbalist and Naturopath and has been appropriately donned 'The Tea Queen' by the media due to her passion and highest grade herbal teas.You can find  them in most households and international Hotels from London to Tokyo to Sydney to Singapore.

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