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Penelope is The Tea Expert of Sydney.

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How does herbal tea vary from the traditional black tea that I drink on a regular basis?

Herbal tea and traditional black tea are all classed as herbal tea, as they are made from plants, but the so called black teas are from a bush known as Camellia sinensis, which is prevalent in hot humid countries where the plant obtains a lot of seasonal rain such as Japan, China, India. These countries mostly supply your traditional black teas and green teas which all contain natural tannin (that bitter taste) and caffeine.

Herbal teas are generally traditionally used from plants and berries that have no caffeine and have been used for centuries for healing and health.  Different herbal teas need a variety of climates hence many traditional herbal tea such as Chamomile an Peppermint would not grow well in areas where black tea is grown.  Australia has a variety of climates and very receptive to great quality herbal teas that can be grown in Europe  but Penelope Sach Teas uniquely support the Australian grown market.

Why is loose-leaf tea better than a tea bag?

Organic loose-leaf tea has approximately 5 grams in a teaspoon ful, where as each teabag contains on the average 2 grams. In the tea bag the plants are generally ground or powdered,  allowing them  easily into the bag, but unfortunately the tea loses many of its essential oils and other healing properties in the process. Often flavourings and additives are added to enhance  flavours and colour.

Traditionally for health and healing 5 grams of tea three times a day is ideal. This has been used for centuries as a standard dose.

Can I drink too much herbal tea?

All plants, like all foods, can be overused, even if they are good for you, therefore a variety of fluids and foods are always advisable. All the tea made in this range are safe and effective for anyone over the age of 8 years and up to 8 cups can be drunk safely in a day of any one of these teas. If you do drink more it may cause a diuretic effect, but this is not harmful ,unless you are taking a diuretic from you doctor and then check with them.

It is not advisable to use any plants from you garden without consulting a herbalist or doctor, as they need to be identified and used correctly. Fresh herbs such as mint and lemon thyme, basil, chamomile can be used in small doses for tea making but check with a professional first for safety in dose.

What are antioxidants and are they in teas?

Recent discoveries have shown that antioxidants are naturally occurring substances in plants, vegetables and fruits, that assist in neutralising free radicals, and hence slow down the ageing process, giving a greater feeling of health and wellbeing. Many things cause free radical damage including smoking, alcohol, pollution, poor diet, recreational drugs, and relentless stress.

Green tea, and black tea, does contain antioxidants, (black tea is much weaker in the content). Also medicinal herbs that are prescribed by a herbalist, such as Schisandra, St Mary’s thistle, ginger, sage, rosemary, are all high in different antioxidants, but the essential oils of the herbal teas such as peppermints, lemon grasses, liquorice etc are healing in a different way, such as relaxant to muscle, cleansing to the blood, assisting in mucous build up. Hence a variety of quality fluids throughout the day are essential. Remember that green and black tea can keep you awake in the evening as they contain caffeine.

Why drink this tea called Organic Tea by Penelope Sach and not another loose-leaf organic tea?

Firstly if you would like to drink a fine wine free of preservatives and food colourings then you generally choose a great brand that is reliable, rich in flavour, grown in top conditions and the taste is divine.  

Penelope Sach organic tea is just this. It is not only grown in Australia on the best and finest soils but it has been acclaimed as the best herbal tea for taste and quality internationally, due to its commitment to Australian growers, untouched soils, rich in natural minerals, and the excellent vacuum packed seals, that keep the tea fresh and unspoilt. Just like any living fresh product, after opening the tea it should be stored in the tin in a very cool area, preferably under 8 degrees C.

How do I choose a tea that would be suitable for my health?

When choosing a Penelope Sach tea, take a look at what tastes you like ,and also what you would like the tea to assist you in over the long term. For example if you need to drink a tea to help you relax and wind down during the day or in the evening ,choose Petal or Après. If you digestion is not quite right, or you feel bloated after food, then Triple E or Peppermint or Après would be suitable. Often the tea that feels the best in our system is the very tea that will help us.

Can I drink herbal tea while eating as I was told it would dilute my digestive enzymes?

Loose-leaf organic herbal tea is excellent to drink when eating or any time of the day. Traditionally over the centuries of herbal tea drinking tea was used during a meal to aid digestion, particularly Chamomile and Peppermint, but it also works well by itself or even after meal to unwind and keep the discussions flowing at the end of a dinner party.