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Detoxification means different things to different people.

Penelope Sach, Detox: Regaining Your Health And Vitality

harvesting & growing

Penelope Sach Herbal teas are sourced from Australian certfied organic growers throughout Australia. They are carefully harvested by hand, and dried accordingly, for the natural ingredients of the herb or berry to be enhanced as a hot herbal beverage, with full taste, and the finest aromas, making these teas the best Australia has to offer. We believe in making the tea loose leaf, to allow the best infusion and flavour. These unique formulae have been carefully designed over the years by Medical Herbalist Penelope Sach, who is renowned for her work with plants and healing.

The variety of teas are grown on the finest soils, and are free from sprays, chemicals and caffeine (except the Green teas) which are imported from certfied organic farmers in Japan.

We are proud to be an wholly Australian company.

Use one teaspoon ful of tea in a pot or a glass plunger or a strainer  
and pour two cups of boiling water over the leaves or berries. Let the  
tea stand for 3 to 4 minutes to infuse. If you require a stronger  
taste then let the tea  stand for 5 to 6 minutes. Strain and allow to  
cool a little before drinking.  for those that like their tea very  
mild only use a half a teaspoon to two cups of boiling water.

The same tea leaves or berries make a second and third cup on the same  
leaves. For health and vitality allow three to four cups daily.

Tea can also be served in chinese porcelain  tea post with small  
porcelain cups for tea parties and enjoyment. It is not necessary to  
use lemon, or honey as the tea are loose leaf, full bodied without  
flavourings or additives so the  qualities and taste  are superb. Milk  
is never served with these teas.