Penelope Sach, designer of the Organic tea range is highly regarded in her qualifications as a Herbalist and Naturopath.

With honours in her studies as a herbalist, Penelope devoted her full time attention to the welfare of women, children and sports people in health issues from 1990.

As a pioneer in health and well being, Penelope began to mix Australian organic herbs in ingredients that would assist her clients with a water base medicine of plants.

Specialising in areas such as lungs, hormonal inbalance, digestion and energy levels, Penelope designed her teas to suit the 6 most common areas of the body hence 6 major designer teas.

Loose leaf tea had not been established in plant medicine in Australia, and Penelope was the first to create the ancient adage of “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” here in Sydney.

Penelope had the vision of creating a tea that contained a main herb that was essential for a health effect. She was astute enough to blend the herb with other fine tasting Australian grown plants, to make a blended tea that was super special to drink. It was to have healing effects, and taken two to three times a day, similar to the days of the Greek legends of taste, balms and wellbeing.

Not long after, Hotels and Restaurants, including Rockpool, contacted Penelope to ask for her Petal, Apres, and Lemon Tang, to be served with their clients for taste, digestion and wellness. To this day the teas remain a focal point in Rockpool Bar and Grill.

Penelopes range, has over the last 25 years become a staple in the fine dining area and the household pantry. From Asia to Australia, to your kitchen, the range is truly amazing. The beauty of the plants can be be appreciated and admired, with the synergistic effect of the release of their super powers when combined with boiling water.